Our beloved friend and esteemed colleague

Thomas Schweizer

Vice President, Common Europe

Learning of Thomas’ passing was very sad news for us. He was such a dear friend and
a wonderful colleague!

Thomas had been Vice-President of Common Europe since 2012 and also assured interim Presidency in 2013, 2015 and 2016, all of which he exercised with remarkable dedication and complete selflessness. One of the best event organizers, he was incharge of the Expos and full practical organization of Common Europe Congresses that he did brilliantly year after year. Working closely with Thomas at Common Europe, my own first memories of him go back more than 12 years when he brought Common Switzerland back under the umbrella of Common Europe. From thereon he remained very active and his business and community knowledge were very much appreciated by all of us.

Thomas was co-owner of Examine GmbH, Switzerland, a company specialized in IBM Power Systems services. He was an all-encompassing technical person with a thorough knowledge of, be it, Systems Management, Application Development, Security, Business Analytics or Project Management. A strong believer in IBM mid-range systems, his community competence was fully visible as he was COMMON Switzerland’s President all the time I knew him.

In private life, Thomas was a very affable, kind and generous person, always willing to help everybody and always having a kind word for all. With his high gastronomical expertise, Thomas was Common Europe’s go to person for good restaurants and good wines all over Europe.

He was to retire soon and had informed us that after retirement his main activities would be golf, hiking, cross country skiing, reading, gardening… and being a servant to his cat.

Thomas’ demise is a great loss for COMMON Europe, Common Switzerland, the whole IBM i community and for all of us personally. We will never forget our beloved Thomas.

Shrirang Deshpande
President, Common Europe
on behalf of Common Europe Board of Directors

Carlos Valero, Christoph Cuscoleca, Claude Muller, Colin Spofford, Dmitry Mironov,
Heidi Schmidt, Henry Karlsen, Igor Novotny, Jan van de Griendt, Jean-Charles Finidori,
Jesper Hemet-Omer, Mats Lidström, Nathanaël Bonnet, Piotr Tkaczyk, Roberto De Pedrini, Vincenzo Turturro, Jonathon Sawdon, Simon Porstendorfer.


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An IT user community

Common Europe, an IT user community of IBM based solutions, is an umbrella organization of European national IBM Power Systems™, IBM i™, AIX™, and Linux™ user groups.

The aims and purpose of Common Europe are to:

  • Encourage members to exchange experience and information related to the use of IT.
  • Offer its members advanced education and training in IT.
  • Influence IBM’s strategy for product development and service levels through a formal Requirements Process
  • Encourage an ongoing, open dialogue between members and IBM.
  • Influence the setting of international standards in the interest of its membership

As an umbrella organisation, Common Europe is committed to support its member countries, in achieving their mission at the national level. Specifically, the umbrella organisation supports contacts with, and access to, the international level of the worldwide economy today. IT is the area that is vital to the success of nations and of individual companies alike, and should be represented internationally.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Members of Common Europe may participate in activities at thier country level and through Common Europe, at an international level. Within the country, members often need fast and easy solutions to daily problems, and where communicating in ones native language is often easier. Only a local, national structure can offer this facility. Moreover, these activities can cater to the national culture and flavour. Depending on the geography and on the economic situation, the activities offered in the various countries do vary. Large countries often organise conferences of two or more days with exhibitions and multi stream agendas, while smaller countries might prefer something smaller.

At the European level, the official language is English. Once a year, Common Europe organises an international congress in one of the member countries, and members from all countries are invited.

Common Europe is also charged with forming an advisory council consisting of a representative sample of all end user members. This council known as Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) is used as a forum for a dialogue with IBM on strategic and long term issues.

Common Europe also participates in an open worldwide forum, with other independent Common organziations worldwide, which can be used to bring the influence of the global community of users where necessary.

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