CEAC (Current Members)

Common Europe would like to thank the following volunteers, and their companies, who contribute their valuable time to serving on the Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC):




Mariusz has 20 years of experience in IT consulting and software development.

He graduated from the University of Lodz in Statistics and Econometrics. During his career he has worked as admin, developer, project lead, solution architect and IT manager for companies only having IBM i in their ecosystem.

For several years he held a technical lead position in SAP & PIM  implementations in Nordic and Baltic countries.His major expertise area is software development in RPG, SQL & .NET.

In 2016 Mariusz found TRENTON SOLUTIONS, a creative software house and has been supporting his customers in digital transformation.

His credo is “If you have faced problems with your app, let us move it onto the IBMi platform and the problem disappears”

Mariusz is passionate about integration, digitalization and automation.



Steve has worked in the IBM Business Partner world for over thirty years and despite IBM’s best attempts he still love them 😉
His career started as an RPG developer but for the last twenty years he has specialised in System Design, installation and management.

In 2008 he founded his own company (Rowton) and now he and his team spend their time supporting clients or designing new IT solutions using a combination of Power servers, Intel and storage with a little extra cloud magic where it’s needed.

When he’s not looking after his own clients, he helps run the UK’s largest IBM i User Group, the i-UG.  In 2019, IBM made him an IBM Champion in recognition of the work he has done to help and evangelise the IBM i platform, Happy Days 🙂

He has a love of teaching IBM i and has spent the last ten years volunteering to teach at IBM i events around the world. In more recent times he has been writing technical Articles on PowerWire.EU and creating his online webinars.  He is a firm believer that the more he teaches, the more he learns.



Leszek is software developer, architect and designer working on the IBM i platform since 2001. As Head of the IT Application Systems Section at KDPW, he develops and maintains depository, clearing and settlement systems for KDPW, which is the central infrastructure institution responsible for the management and supervision of trading in financial instruments in Poland.




Koen Decorte is owner of CD Invest, an international IBM business partner with offices in Belgium and Spain.

CD-Invest is specialized in innovating and modernizing IBM i applications.

Koen studied philology and computer linguistics.He started on the IBM i (and its predecessors) in 1994.
His focus is mainly on integrating and using open source applications on IBM i. He donated his own POP3 client written in RPG to the open source EASY400 community.

Today CD Invest is proud of its state of the art applications and innovation projects. Koen and his team developed a web based 3D furniture configurator on IBM i for JORI, a high-end furniture manufacturer. This application, just as many others, won a BeNeLux Power Excellence Award.

Koen is an IBM Champion 2018, 2019 and 2020 and also the Common Belgium Treasurer.

Last year (2020) CD-Invest won the IT-consulting of the year award in Belgium.



“Ranga” has been using IBM i and its predecessors in his entire IT professional career at Institut Jules Bordet, the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the University of Brussels, Belgium.

Ranga has been an IBM Champion since 2012 and received a Lifetime Achievement Award of the IT Executive Circle, Belgium. He is President of COMMON Europe and Vice-President of COMMON Belgium. He is also Senior Advisor at the IT Executive Circle, a premier CIO think tank in Belgium. Ranga has been on the Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) since its launch in 1991 helping IBM shape the future of IBM i. He is a frequent speaker at national and international events.

With a doctorate in Biology, Ranga also had a previous academic career. Constant improvement of people’s quality of life through the informatics ecosystem is Ranga’s passion.            



Ash Giddings has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Coming from an operational background, Ash is a technically astute Presales Engineer. He has worked for some of the largest data centers in Europe and in the US, and has advised large companies on major projects to save costs and improve efficiencies. Ash also has multi-platform experience, and his technical background has enabled him to find solutions for challenging IT problems.

Ash is a regular speaker at international conferences and industry events and, as a member of the Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) since 2014, dialogues with IBM to help shape the strategic long-term vision of the IBM i platform. He was named an IBM Champion in 2021 for over three decades of advocation and thought leadership on the IBM i platform.



Mats has been working with IBM i (and it predecessors) since 1987 as a Programmer, Designer, Head of development, CIO and Architect. He has been part of a number of national and international projects throughout the years. Since 2018 he has been working for Apper and is helping customers to take care of their applications with the focus on using the latest IBM i technology to make their business processes as effective as possible.
He also does presentations and runs education around the platform and its technologies.

He is president of  Common Sweden/Data3  and an IBM Champion for Power Systems.



Niels has developed IBM i middleware and tools used in numerous applications worldwide. He is the architect of the IceBreak application server for IBM i. Over the years he has contributed to the IBM i community with presentations, demos, and loads of open source: ILEastic and noxDB to name a few projects. IT Transformation, modernization and tools around this process is his passion and he moves anything from 5250 into an era of microservices and containers. He is also a an IBM Champion.



Stefan has been working with IBM Power Systems and IBM i for about 20 years.

The focus here is on system integration. This ranges from consulting, sizing and planning to installation and commissioning of the systems, including the training of administrators and further system managemant.

Stefan joined CEAC in April 2019 to represent the German Common User Group.



Holger has been active in the IBM AS/400 and IBM i world since 1988 when he first came into contact with a big beige box at a customers. Working in the IT branch since then as a programmer, ERP analyst
and IT director, he started his own company in 2000 for services, programming and hosting. Since then, Holger has also been running a public system project for everyone to learn about IBM AS/400 and now IBM i at http://pub400.com. 

Currently his company RZKH GmbH runs more than 150 servers for customers all over the world hosting IBM i in their own fallout shelter below ground, concentrating on IBM i services and consultancy with a team of 5 people. Holger is an IBM i evangelist and is happy to show each customer the unique features of that wonderful system.



Paul Tuohy is an IBM Champion and a prominent consultant/trainer/educator/author for application modernization and development technologies on the IBM Midrange. He currently holds positions as CEO of ComCon, a consultancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland, and founding partner of System i Developer, the consortium of top educators who produce the acclaimed RPG & DB2 Summit conference. Previously, he worked as IT Manager for Kodak Ireland Ltd. and Technical Director of Precision Software Ltd.

In addition to hosting and speaking at the RPG & DB2 Summit, Paul has been an award-winning speaker at COMMON, COMMON Europe Congress and other conferences throughout the world. His articles frequently appear in IBM Systems Magazine, The Four Hundred Guru, RPG Developer, and other leading publications.

Paul also produces the popular iTalk with Tuohy audio blog with TechChannel.



Philippe Vanden Bussche started 40 years ago on s38 and never quit the platform since then. His focus moved from development over IT management to IT architecture and system management. As a GDPR trained IT professional he is given much attention to security and privacy on IBM i.



After having started as a System/38 programmer in 1986. In 1989 the switch was made to system programming and systems management. Being passionate about systems management he founded van Helvoirt Automatisering in 1993. Rudi enjoys helping IBM i customers ever since for running their business applications. He is an early adopter of the IBM i GUI’s, System Object Access that later evolved into System i Navigator and recently Navigator for i. He has been involved in IBM i BRMS for the past 15 years, helping to improve the backup strategy of IBM i data. Rudi is member of the COMMON Europe Advisory Council, an IBM and End User Experts strategy think tank for the IBM i. On top of that IBM made him an IBM Champion in 2020. Also in 2020 van Helvoirt Automatisering was acquired by EASI in the Netherlands.



Therese leads COMMON Europe Advisory Council (CEAC),  influencing IBM i Software and Product development, bringing strategic change and improving future business value to clients and IBM.

Therese Eaton is an experienced technical pre-sales consultant working with customers and translating their business vision into the technical design for companies in banking, retail and utilities.
Customers have come to know and respect Therese as a trusted adviser, especially when she leads groups or thinking on particular topics generating new approaches to solving operational or technical challenges.
She also curates industry information and produces a newsletter resulting in customers, Business Partners and IBMers are kept current, connected, and engaged with IBM technology, developments, use cases, and industry trends.