Welcome to NextGen

What is our Mission?

To attract students and young professionals up to and including the age of 30 to discover the IBM Power platform through IBM i, Linux and AIX operating systems and promote it as the best business IT platform.

To encourage students and young professionals to drive the future of Common Europe.

To encourage networking opportunites, share knowledge, grow together and bring IT skills to the next level.

How do you Benefit?

When you become a member of NextGen you automatically become a member of Common Europe and can access FREE workshops, webinars and events to benefit from education of immediate use.

You can participate in Hackathons, discussions and interact with other members through Discord. 

You also have FREE access Common North America’s vast online catalogue of educational webinars and bootcamps to help build your knowledge and further your career.

You can read below how students and young professionals are already benefitting from NextGen membership and keep an eye on our news and events to see what opportunities are available.

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Welcome to the future.